Neighborcore combats community deterioration by promoting community service project participation by individuals with mental health conditions in an effort to reach out to neighbors in a time of need and to enhance self-worth by contributing to our communities. Direct community outreach will include, but not be limited to the victims, first responders, families and communities of violence and trauma; community revitalization projects; vocational mentoring programs; and Campuscore.

Bringing Community Back
About the logo: An apple pie at the core, a rake and white flag of surrender crossed in the background is our version of the anti skull and cross bones. You might call it the “Jolly Martha”!

The Apple pie is what we will take to victims’ families as a symbolic gesture of giving, of fellowship, and of the love that goes into baking and giving freely of ones’ self. We hope to have members of Cornerstone, a crisis intervention facility in Marion, VA will bake these pies. While they are giving of themselves they too can feel a sense of pride in knowing the fruits of their labor will go to help others.

The Rake is symbolic of the American tradition of service to our fellow neighbors near and far. Once upon a time, in a land far from suburbia, peopled helped their neighbors in time of need. A time when human life held the highest value. The time we spend in service to others has a collective benefit that exceeds the sum of its parts. Taking pride in ones Community, Family, and country means more than waving a flag or, sporting a t-shirt, or sticking a sticker/magnet on your vehicle.

The White Flag is symbolic of surrendering one’s ego to the highest moral authority, their individual relationship with the universe/creator, while campaigning for the greater good.

Neighborcore is collectively symbolic of the responsible stewardship of American Values of Freedom, Liberty & Justice FOR ALL.