Center for Integrated Arts

The Center for Integrated Arts™: is the educational research incubator for wellness and healing based integrated arts programming. Integrated arts are a field of study Heart of Virginia Founder, Tommy Edwards, pioneered. Integrated Arts is practicing creative problem solving through the use of the resources readily available in the consumers environment with the goal of finding creative solutions for balance and wellness as individuals, communities and as a culture.

Our goal is consumers that are happier and healthier with an increased quality of life, once given these tools to safely express themselves through, visual arts, music, movement and any other healthy form of expression they choose.

Research, experiential application, integrated arts programs and educational outreach campaigns are designed to reach target demographics that are at risk for the onset of mental and emotional illness.

Our Center for Integrated Arts consists of a combination of traditional fine and performing arts, as well as, healing and meditative art. The idea is to create a multi use space that can be used to develop community programs as a means of wellness and prevention to promote healthy emotional and psychological states and to expand our understanding of the cultural and human condition in a world that is quickly out pacing itself.

The mission of the Center for Integrated Arts is to advance public awareness and increase opportunities for our community to experience the wellness and healing benefits of expressive arts and therapies. Group and Individual Programs will be person-centered and accommodate special needs.

The center may incorporate and integrate existing programs and organizations that are in alignment with or mission, as well as, offer new programs that will allow for organic growth a greater understanding of sustainable living in the 21st century and beyond. Opportunities will include, art and music therapies, fine arts education and instruction, performing arts, media arts, healing arts, physical arts, meditative arts, drama, dance, live performances, exhibits, support groups, mentoring programs and various other community activities.