Campuscore, a division of Neighborcore, will promote public service projects as an outreach to high school and college campuses geared to inspire young leaders to emerge beyond complacency and become self-empowered active members of their community.


We seek to defend our educational institutions and empower our ambassadors of the future, the students.

How Does It Work?

Neighborcore USA will provide programming:

Guidance to help individual chapters implement a Mental Wellness campaign. Partnering with existing infrastructure we plan to enhance creative solutions toward a healthier future and provide healing for our communities.

Campuscore specifically provides mental health awareness and education to students. We believe with better education and acceptance of mental illness, students will more likely seek/suggest treatment when needed.

Possible Activities:

  • Organize a public service project in your neighborhood.
  • Join our letter writing campaign to educate public officials about a critical need for advanced and additional mental supports across the board. We can provide form letters tailored to the state senators and delegates to your high school or college.
  • Sponsor a poster design campaign to promote wellness
  • National confrence/tour to contiune to erase the stigma of mental illness
  • Provide education and healing through art, theatre, music, and any and all vocations that spark your spirit

What can you do?
Campuscore USA wants to evoke creative solutions to promote well being across the globe.

The Apple represents our educational system and all of the ‘bites’ that continue to be taken away from it. At the core of the Apple lay the seeds of the future, and the leaders or “apple trees” of tomorrow.

Schools and Universities lay at the Heart of our communities, and each day our children; siblings, cousins, and grandchildren go off to campuses in every community. With them go our hearts and minds and worries.

Education is the first line of defense for prevention.

We want to help provide a voice and a vehicle for change for all of those who want to see liberty thrive and justice prevail. We challenge youth to put aside narcissitic compulsion and engage in the self-governing process that we Americans call democracy for self and the greater good.

Contact: to start a chapter at your school.