About Us

The Heart of Virginia Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation formed in response to the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007. The Heart of Virginia Foundation offers charitable and educational opportunities to promote emotional well-being through the arts and to fight the stigma of mental illness.

Currently we operate within three major branches:

The Center for Integrated Arts™: Education and Research

From The HeART Products™: Fundraising

Neighborcore USA™ & Campuscore USA™: Outreach

Mental Health on Campuses

the art of integrated thinking…..

The Center for Integrated Arts™ is the educational research incubator for wellness and healing based integrated arts programming. Integrated arts are a field of study Heart of Virginia Founder, Tommy Edwards, pioneered. Integrated Arts is practicing creative problem solving through the use of the resources readily available in the consumers environment with the goal of finding creative solutions for balance and wellness as individuals, communities and as a culture. Resulting in consumers that are happier and healthier with an increased quality of life, once given these tools to safely express themselves through, visual art, music, movement and any other healthy form of expression they choose. Research, experiential application, integrated arts programs and educational outreach campaigns are designed to reach target demographics that are at risk for the onset of mental and emotional illness.

From the Heart Products™ is the fund raising branch of the HoVF. From the Heart Products is comprised of a catalog consisting of a verity of products created through and for integrated arts programs and outreach campaigns along with fair trade sustainable products. The catalog of available products will be online, in print and available through select retailers.

Neighborcore U.S.A™ is The Heart of Virginia Inc. national outreach and educational branch. Neighborcore U.S.A continues the outreach and mission of HoVF through national educational campaigns to educate and build bridges of understanding in communities across the nation. This is happening through strategic partnerships with public and private entities and organizations. Our goal at the Heart of Virginia Foundation is to meet the needs of the at risk population by providing healthy constructive and expressive outlets through direct facilitation and/or training of existing staff to develop non cost prohibitive integrated arts programming structured to fit the need of the population demographics being served.

Campuscore U.S.A™ specifically provides mental health awareness and education to students. We believe with better education and acceptance of mental illness, students will more likely seek/suggest treatment when needed.