Following & Becoming The Leader

In the beginning, your mom nursed and fed you. When you grew a little older and stronger, she held your hand tightly and took you to your first ever day at school. You did not sniffle and cry like a baby because it did not take long for your first ever teacher to warm to you. You were well-behaved and she was almost like a second mother to you. And it was not long either before, during the favorite time of the day, on the school playground, before you were able to make your first pals. One or two of them turned out to be quite the leader.

You did not seem to mind tagging along like all the rest of the gang. It turns out just the same way in later life. You are on the social media network for the first time, and what an eye opener it has all turned out to be. And when that day finally arrived, you were thrilled to be joining Instagram, schools of thought that seem to be the home of many a leader and attracting more followers than anywhere else, not like flies to dirt, but like hardworking bees to the pollen of the beautiful sunflower.

You look at these fine fellows and, you’re not jealous, you just want to be like them someday. But you learn first. First, you learn to crawl before you can walk. And like going to school, you sign up as a follower so that you can learn from the best. They are not called teachers on Instagram, they are more commonly known as influencers. While you are looking and learning, you are also responding. See now, you have your own platform. To build up your own little network of followers and likes, you start posting at a furious pace.

There now, that’s the spirit. It will not be long before they will be queuing up. And when they are all on board your social media train, don’t keep them waiting because they want to see what next you’ve got lined up for them. Many of your new followers are just like you when you started out. Followers through and through, they have identified you as their next leader. They have seen things that are interesting to them and that they might be able to learn from. So, now you are a leader. But you also want to be a good and strong leader.

You remind yourself that leaders are not always born. They can be made too. Also, good leaders lead by example. And that is what you aim to do. Your posting regime is shining; it is top-notch for now. All you’ve got to do now is keep on making it better. Like your good school library, Instagram and other areas of the internet have got all these fine resources that can show you how to make your platform the shining light that it is destined to be.

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