Ever wondered why people don’t like you?

You are sitting all alone in your room one afternoon. People continue to pass you by. They do not even give you a first glance. You are sitting alone at your coffee table in your favourite public visiting spot. Again, people continue to pass you by, passing your table, not giving you even that first glance that usually strikes the first chords of a good conversation, even if it is only about the weather. Sometimes it feels as though you are completely invisible. You look at your platform in a manic frame of mind.

Was it something that you said? More than likely not. It is no fault of yours. And it is not even a negative reflection of those who have chosen to ignore you who simply did not notice and know. It is just the way people are this late into the twenty-first century. But if you really are desperate to be making fresh connections just like a normal person would note that all is not lost for you. It is just the beginning. Soon you will be able to see the world and your personal life with a fresh pair of new eyes.

Before it gets really late in the day, you do this quickly. You buy Insta likes. And that is only assuming, fingers crossed, that you are already connected to the Insta platform. But if not, still, it is not too late. Just as quickly as it takes to buy Insta likes, comments and followers, it is as quick to register a new account with Instagram. It is just a few more moments out of what has been your sad, lonely life. You have been without for so long, what is a few more hours going to do to you. Not much.

Just a little of the patient waiting game. Because once you have bought your likes, comments and followers, it only takes a few hours to show up in your account. You no longer need to wait until the next day. But likes, comments and followers will be quite futile if, like your life has been so far, your platform is still standing pretty forlorn and empty. So, like seeing a young good looking lady for the first time, having left you starstruck, it is still up to you to make the first move. No-one else is going to do this for you.

You need to make the posts. You need to take the pictures. And that is another thing. What about your profile? That still needs to be tidied up. Time to make yourself neat and presentable. And don’t forget to smile in front of the camera. Oh, and do say cheese. And that is yet another thing. Did you brush your teeth good and proper this morning? Because the moment they see that string of spinach in-between your teeth, they will not even hang around long enough to say. Bye-bye. Good night. Good luck.

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