9 Reasons I Use Social Media

At most any time of the day, you’ll find me using social media. Whether I am using Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, or even Instagram I just cannot get enough of social media. I’m what some would call a social media junkie but I am okay with that. Social media keeps me in the house and out of trouble, so there is nothing in this world that is better. Read below as I talk about some of the reasons that you will find me in the house on social media.

  1. It is easy to contact and keep in touch with family and friends, no matter how far apart we are. I have family across the U.S. and on international lands, too and many aren’t nearby me. Thanks to social media, my family is always one ping away.
  2. I can make new friends using various social media platforms. I’ve met lots of great people using IG and other sites and find it engaging to interact with them and learn more about who they are.
  3. Want to know more about what’s going on in the world? You can learn the scoop when social media is used the way that it should be.
  4. It is easy to spend your time using social media sites and pass the boredom away. Any day or night is alleviated of boredom when you visit social media sites because active members always have something going on.
  5. Some sites, like Facebook, have groups that help you meet other people who share an interest in a particular subject matter. No matter your interest, there is a group for that. You can converse with like-minded people, learn information, share posts and photos, laugh, and it is incredibly fun.
  6. Instagram helped me promote my books. I got real likes through the purchase of likes from a local company and since that time, nothing but great things have happened to me.
  7. Social media helps me promote and advertise anything and everything. I can post pictures of furniture that I no longer need just as easily as I can advertise my photography business. And, it is all free!
  8. I admit that I am a homebody who doesn’t really like smartphones. So, I use my laptop to access social media. Why not?
  9. I love sharing all of the photos that I take on Instagram. I use it as an online photo book. Any time I want a picture, I can access the site instead of flipping through pages of a photo album. It is nice to have all my photos there together and accessible.

There are many reasons to use social media and I can say that I certainly take advantage of every one of the great benefits. We only get one shot at this thing called life, so why not do what makes you happy? Social media is something that everyone uses because there is so much to do and enjoy. I enjoy spending time on social media and do not plan to change anything any time soon.

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