5 Tips On How You Can Increase Your Following

Just a few thoughts and posers (positively speaking) which I do hope will make your big day a little brighter. I would imagine, and as always, I am being positive about this, that if you are in any way similar to me in hopes, dreams, aspirations, targets, goals, projections, strategies and plans and so on and so forth, that every day is a big day for you. Well, today, thus far, has been a big day for me. Even if whatever I have done or achieved for the day turns out to be quite modest in comparison to other days, then I still regard the day’s works completed as an achievement.

And that is the line you should always take to your life, from the time you rise in the morning, rip-roaring raring to go forth, until the time you lay your head down at night, perhaps tired to the bone but certainly well-satisfied with your lot. Many of you are now officially subscribed to Instagram, one of the world’s great innovations, certainly in the last few years or so. As they say; welcome aboard. And as I say; congratulations to you all then. Before I go forth with the rest of my day, here are just my five tips or musings on how to increase Instagram followers to be recorded on your new profile.

It may still be early days for many of you. But even so, I do know how hard it has been. Anyhow, you can buy your followers. Facebook and others are not yet a spent force. So, whilst utilizing your new Instagram platform, do keep those older accounts active. Instagram focuses if you will, on visual interpretations. For many short of words on how to express themselves, and perhaps still a little short of breath, this is a welcome feature. But do be cleverly constructive in the way you post your photos and videos, with particular emphasis on being consistent in the use of bright colors.

Also, do not make the similar mistake I made so early in the day in regard to becoming something of a killjoy in the way I used Instagram’s myriad filters. Not only did I use them, and by all means, you should be using them too, I over-used them, and this you should not do. Finally, being the highly productive and quite characteristically creative person that I am, I am an Instagram poster of note. What makes me stand out above many others in my particular niche, in this case, creative copywriting and storytelling (you may have other niches but similar principles still do apply), is that I am posting on a regular basis.

It did, however, start out that way for me, and yes, sometimes I still do have my lapses for any number of reasons, not just once in a blue moon but at least once a day. Soon, you will have more of them. I mean to say; your followers.

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